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Why do many foreigners choose Vietnam to live and work?

Why do many foreigners choose Vietnam to live and work?

2B Talent  The top three reasons foreigners move to Vietnam include career advancement, finding new challenges and improving their quality of life, according to HSBC.

Vì sao nhiều người nước ngoài chọn Việt Nam để sống và làm việc?

The average annual salary for a foreign expert who moves to Vietnam is 78,750 USD.

According to the HSBC Expat’s Survey of Best Foreigners Survey about the best place to live and work in 2019, Vietnam is showing its strengths when reaching the 10th position this year, remarkable compared to last year.

Many experts find the working environment in Vietnam to be very favorable. Vietnam ranked third, behind Switzerland and Poland in the sub-index Personal Expectations – an index that summarizes foreign experts’ views on the market economy, opportunities for career development and the level of influence. for those who have just moved to live and work.

The average annual salary for a foreign expert who moves to Vietnam is US $ 78,750, higher than the global average of US $ 75,966.

Among survey respondents, 67% agreed that their disposable income was higher when they moved to Vietnam compared to their time at home due to the lower cost of living here, additional income and Their businesses cover part of the cost of living.

71% of foreign experts think that they feel confident about Vietnam’s economy, and 76% think that they feel secure about stable political situation.

Professionals also enjoy other material benefits when working abroad. 71% of expats working in Vietnam say they can travel more and many can also learn new skills (40%), such as a foreign language, scuba diving or cooking skills. eat, while some (37%) spend more time participating in local community activities.

The top three reasons why foreigners move to Vietnam include: career advancement (34%); looking for new challenges (29%), and improving the quality of life (26%).

With all these aspirations, 39% of foreign experts agree that Vietnam is a destination to help them achieve their potential compared to their home country. This is higher than the global average of 34%.

In addition, many people who come to Vietnam can learn new skills at the workplace (59%); get promoted faster by moving abroad (30%); move to work in a new field (28%) and even develop a new business (26%).

After India, China and Indonesia, Vietnam is the fourth place chosen by many experienced foreign experts to live and work.

When I first moved in, 40% of foreign experts in Vietnam planned to stay longer than 5 years, but this number increased to 60% after they felt what life in Vietnam has to offer.

Mr. Phuong Tien Minh – National Head of Retail Banking and Asset Management of HSBC Vietnam, said: “I am extremely proud that Vietnam is one of the top 10 countries with national experts. Besides choosing, it is a destination to seek both opportunities and challenges, thereby promoting career development, and accumulating life experiences and experiences for yourself. ”

Thanks to a colorful culture and friendliness of the Vietnamese people, this place is a great choice for young professionals and people with work experience from around the world – People who enjoy life here and get much rewards.

He hoped Vietnam would improve some areas to enhance the experience of foreigners and their families by further developing the environment, education and financial services.