Hiring local talent

Employers across all sectors in Vietnam continue to demand candidates with outstanding skill sets and international work experience to take their businesses to the next level.

2B Talent works very professionally with partners & wide rage network to connect with experts. These contacts are the basis for our efforts in building a valuable database to keep in touch with talented individuals who are considering work in Vietnam.

How we can help

We aim to be the first touch point for professional candidates who are looking to establish a career in Vietnam and match their skills and experience to the roles that our clients are looking to fill in a candidate short local market. Partnering with 2B Talent will ensure that you have the best qualified candidates for the job.

To meet the rising demand for local talent, we have put in place a dedicated recruiting consultant who is solely responsible for identifying and connecting with candidates looking for job opportunities. We reach out via various channels such as newsletters, market updates, job alerts, media coverage and networking events. We invite professionals candidate to meet with 2B Talent consultants in the office to discuss opportunities.

Thanks to the quality of our service and past successes, we have received many referrals – a testament to the work we do and the relationships we build. To find out more about how 2B Talent can help your company throughout the hiring process.

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