Heat Transfer Label Technical (Expat) – 2B TALENT SERVICES TRADING COMPANY LIMITED

Heat Transfer Label Technical (Expat)

Heat Transfer Label Technical (Expat)

Job Tittle: HTL Technician

Department: Production

Directly responsible to: Production  Manager

Major Duties:

 1) Plans requirements for fabricating, installing, testing, and servicing climate control and heat transfer assemblies and systems to assist engineering personnel, utilizing knowledge of heat transfer technology engineering methods.

2) Calculates required capacities for equipment units of proposed system to obtain specified performance submits data to engineering personnel for approval.

3) Studies supplier catalogs technical data to recommend equipment unit selections for system.

4) Prepares unit design layouts and detail drawings for fabricating parts assembling system.

5) Estimates cost factors, like labor and material for purchased and fabricated parts, and costs for assembling, testing installing in customers premises.

6) Fabricates nonstandard parts for system, using metalworking machinery and assembles system, using handtools power tools.

7) Installs test fixtures, apparatus, and controls conducts operational tests under specified conditions.

8) Analyzes test data prepares report for evaluation by engineering personnel.

9) Installs system in customer premises and tests operational performance for compliance with contract specifications applicable codes.

10) Diagnoses special service problems of systems under service contract writes instructions for service or repair personnel.


  1. College/Engineering Degree from printing technology major
  2. Have deep knowledge about heat transfer machines
  3. Good at Problem Solving
  4. Can work under pressure
  5. Good at English communication


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