General Manager of Indoor Golf Club

General Manager of Indoor Golf Club

 Company profile

The company was founded in 2018, headquartered in Phnom Penh Cambodia, with registered capital of 100 million US dollar, business scope includes: Cambodia, Thailand, China, Vietnam. Based on strong financial strength and top investment professionals, the group rapid invested a line of industries involving national economy and people’s livelihood, to build an industrial ecosystem with 4 cores, including transportation, energy, land and finance.

  • Company size: >500
  • Report to: Director
  • Working place: Cambodia, Phnom Penh

 Benefit package

  • Monthly Salary: 4,000$ – 7,000$ or or depend on performance on interview
  • Working hours: shift system, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • The company provides accommodation
  • Free visa and work permit
  • 10 working days per year to visit family leave and 2 round-trip air tickets
  • Cambodian social insurance, commercial supplementary medical insurance, accident insurance


  • Responsible for the overall management of the indoor golf club.
  • Operational management: formulate and implement effective business strategies to ensure the completion of various business and management indicators issued by the group, strictly review costs and expenses, and ensure that the operating costs and expenses of the physical examination center are reasonably controlled
  • Service quality management: establish a standardized service system, implement company products, customer service, brand, price and other standards, monitor service quality according to company requirements, handle guest complaints and opinions in a timely manner, improve guest satisfaction, and enhance members’ sense of belonging
  • Service capability management: Responsible for reviewing the various service training plans of the department, supervising the implementation, and guiding the department to continuously improve and update the service process and service improvement plan
  • Marketing management: maintenance of public relations, club brand promotion, use of network platforms and online promotion tools, cooperation and resource development of local resources in different industries, to provide members with more personalized high-end consumer experiences and activities
  • Personnel management: Responsible for the recruitment and planning of the team, rationally allocate human resources, implement the company’s corporate culture and management system, and create a good working atmosphere
  • System management: supervision and promotion of projects under construction and pending maintenance, introduction and maintenance of user management systems and charging systems


  • Over 30 years old, bachelor degree or above, major in hotel and tourism
  • Chinese Native Speaker. Fluency in English can be used as a working language, overseas study or work experience is preferred, good image and good temperament
  • More than 5 years of senior management experience in golf clubs, star hotels, high-level clubs and other related industries, familiar with the overall operation and management of golf clubs
  • Proficient in membership management, familiar with the introduction and maintenance of various background management systems of the club, and understand industry trends and operational development trends
  • Excellent service awareness, good professional ethics, excellent communication, execution, coordination, cooperation, and emergency handling capabilities
  • Have an innovative spirit and a strong entrepreneurial passion


  • The indoor golf project has been launched and is under renovation. Venue decoration is expected to be completed in December. We hope candidates will be employed as soon as possible
  • The entire building where the indoor golf project is located belongs to the group. In addition to the indoor golf club, the building also includes private clubs, gyms, parent-child entertainment projects, and restaurants
  • The organizational structure of the indoor golf club is preliminarily determined as:
  • 1 general manager-1 deputy manager-10 waiters-a number of cooperative coaches
  • At present, the deputy manager and waiters have started recruiting simultaneously in the local area. It is expected to arrange for professional training in December.


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