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C&B specialists, who are they in HR department?

C&B specialists, who are they in HR department?

Human resources department is an important part of a company with the role of attracting and maximizing human resources, ensuring the long-term commitment of employees to the business. In particular, C&B specialists are considered to hold the balance of income of all employees, so this position plays an important role and has a voice in the business.

C&B, who are they?

C&B is a division of Human Resources.

The basic structure of an HR department includes:

1. Recruitment (R: Recruitment)

2. Training and development (T&D: Training & Development)

3. Salary and benefits (C&B: Compensation & Benefit)

C&B specialists are managers of salaries and benefits of all employees in the company.

C&B specialists hold the balance of income of every employee in the company

Main tasks undertaken by C&B personnel

– Establish payroll scale and payment method

– Build a hierarchy within the company

– Develop salary, welfare and reward policies

– Survey employee satisfaction.

The role of C&B HR professionals

– Being an important part, helping businesses measure the value of work and convert it to actual value

– As a division to help businesses make appropriate salary, bonus and welfare policies, contributing to improving productivity, quality of work, stabilizing personnel and retaining talents.

C&B career promotion roadmap

C & B Officer → C&B Specialist → C&B Supervisor → C&B manager

The requirements and skills required of a C&B specialist

– Meticulous, careful, detailed, good memory and love the numbers

– Ability to capture, synthesize and organize the work well

– Skills of processing and analyzing data

– Office informatics skills, especially Excel skills

– Skills to update and apply the law

In particular, the skills to update and apply the law are extremely important skills that directly affect the development opportunities of C&B employees. Because, not only does the salary and benefit calculation, C&B specialists must also be the earliest to update the changes in wages and labor to timely support and advise business owners of salary policies. be consistent with and bring about the highest and most equitable benefits for both employees and businesses.

C&B experts have a say in the business

C&B specialists in HR department are increasingly affirming the importance for a business because: Salary is the decisive factor that directly links employees to the company. When working at this position, you will grasp the organization of the staff (personnel increase and decrease, personnel fluctuations, personnel structure, labor contracts), the salary policy you make is also directly affect productivity, work quality, personnel stability and retain talent of the business.

In a company, sometimes the C&B position can hold most of the Human Resources operations, but other positions are difficult to replace. For example: If you are in a position, you will not be able to earn wages. Therefore, the salary of C&B specialists is now higher than other positions in the HR department and the employees working in this position also have a voice in the business.