Company profile

The Group Company of trading & production and provide service specialize in car

Factory located in: HCMC

  • Report to: Dealer Principal/ CSD
  • Company size: >100 employees; Team size: 30 employees (3 section at HCM)

Benefit package

  • Salary: 2200 USD gross/ month or depend on performance on interview
  • Personal Health Care (for inpatient and outpatient), Annual Health Checkup (cover for family)
  • Working time Monday to Saturday
  • Training opportunities frequently
  • KPI bonus (quarterly)


  • Manages the Aftersales teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience, following the Jaguar Land Rover Service Experience Framework (SEF) and Customer First Principles.
  • Ensure high level of Service Market Exploitation (SME) and loyalty through offering high-quality repairs and customer care.
  • Attain the highest possible exploitation of parts and accessory potential.
  • Manages all activities of workshop including facility, HSE, 5S to comply with local regulation and internal procedure
  • Other necessary assignments from DP and CSD.




  • Manages the performance of the Aftersales teams to ensure the delivery of the Jaguar Land Rover Service Experience Framework and the achievement of key targets (e.g. revenue, throughput, profit…)
  • Monitors the performance of the team against given Aftersales KPIs, using the Jaguar Land Rover Composite and dealer information to track performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Personally demonstrates the JLR Customer First Principles, leads their implementation by the Aftersales teams and manages any non-compliance area
  • Drives a culture of team-working across the Service& Parts, Sales and other teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience


  • Monitors the day-to-day performance and training of each member of the Aftersales teams, provides feedback on their performance and manages any underperformance
  • Coaches individuals to develop their knowledge of Jaguar Land Rover products, technologies or systems, improve their customer-handling skills and ensure that they complete the training provided by Jaguar Land Rover for their role. Arranges informal training sessions for the teams as required
  • Implements the approach to reward and recognition for the Aftersales teams, in line with PTM policy and makes proposal on individual award
  • Manages succession into key roles to develop talented individuals (e.g. Technicians, Service Advisor, Senior Service Advisor, Parts Supervisor, Workshop foreman, Service Admin)
  • Cooperate with HR to organize activities (e.g. team events) to build team spirit and engagement
  • Communicates with the team to share information on Jaguar Land Rover, PTM group and the Aftersales functions (e.g. JLR product launch plans, Retailer business plans, Aftersales team performance)


  • Ensures that Revenue, Profit, Customer satisfaction plan are well managed and implement at all levels within Retailer Aftersales operation
  • Oversees all CRM activities including CXP, CEIP and talks to customers to resolve escalated complaints to maintain customer satisfaction with the brand. Manages escalated Goodwill issues in accordance with JLR guidelines
  • Co-ordinate with CS parts to ensures that parts purchase and retail (for both over WS or over counter) plan are proper maintained and identifies ways to improve the availability of parts for the Workshop where possible. Manages levels of new or obsolescent stock
  • Oversees the processing of warranty claims to ensure they comply with the JLR Warranty Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Manages the internal audit against JLR Retailer Standards using the DSAT, ASAP and advice process and makes improvements in order to improve compliance
  • Sets up and manages sub-contracted services (e.g. brake disc, wheel alloy latching) to ensure they deliver JLR Retailer Standards, customer satisfaction and planned at profitability levels
  • Co-ordinate with CS marketing to implement all marketing activity for the Aftersales teams to maintain contact with current and lapsed customers and bring in new business (e.g. by calling lapsed customers to arrange a service appointment, discuss trade sales, recommend value added service)
  • Ensures that all company’s assets within given duties are well record, maintain and always keeping at good condition following manufacturer standard and internal PM schedule
  • Leads all Health-Safety-Environment (HSE) and 5S activities for the Aftersales teams to maintain contact with other functions within PTM group and local authorities on behalf of PTM to handle any issues related to HSE
  • Lead and Maintain firefighting prevention &protection at WS area to comply with local regulation. Liaise with local authorities contact to implement annual firefighting practical, training and/or system assessment
  • Ensure no overdue debt from insurance companies.


  • Maintains a good understanding of the Aftersales operations of competitors – particularly premium competitors in the local area
  • Works with the Dealer principal, Customer service director to develop short term targets and medium-term plans for the Retailer’s Aftersales operations
  • Implements PTM marketing initiatives and develops Retailer own marketing activity to drive service sales. Leads and supports prospecting activity aimed at identifying new Service customers
  • Understands opportunities for Trade sales in the local market. Leads and supports marketing and prospecting activity aimed at identifying new Trade Sales customers


  • Organizes regular Aftersales team meetings (daily, weekly, monthly) to review KPIs and identify weakness area, point out corrective action and tracking improvements
  • Works with Dealer principal, Customer service director to review and improve the performance of the Aftersales teams
  • Takes a proactive approach to identify any recurring problems which affect the customer experience. Leads or supports projects to deliver continuous improvement to ways of working
  • Helps the team to adapt to growth and change (e.g. new facilities, new products, new systems)

Success Criteria

Process Compliance

  • CEIP results/Voice of the Customer data (NPS), Service 6

Process Compliance

  • Service Experience Framework (SEF),
  • Revenue& Throughput
  • Jaguar Land Rover Retailer Standards (i.e: DSAT, ASAP, Warranty audit result)
  • Parts purchase and retail, Stock turn and availability
  • HSE, 5S, Facility PM


  • Workshop utilization and efficiency
  • Labor sold
  • Service Direct Profit
  • Parts Direct Profit
  • Consumable Material rate
  • No overdue payment from service customer/ insurance companies


  • Team working with colleagues across the Retailer
  • Knowledge and skills of the Workshop team
  • Learner Journey completion
  • Technical competency compliance
  • Succession planning (% internal hires)


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